You are the expert on your child...

but it doesn’t always feel that way.

As we parent, doubt can feel familiar. We want to feel more confident. We convince ourselves that there must be an easier or more perfect way. We want to measure our success.

As it turns out, you don’t have to know everything to be a great parent. You just have to find YOUR compass and trust it. Confidence in parenting is just about learning to trust ourselves. I can help you do that. 

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What My Clients Say

“I knew from our experience with Hope as our Pediatrician that she would make a phenomenal life coach. Her lessons in transitioning from being a reactive parent to an intentional parent was exactly what I needed to reframe my parenting journey.”


Mom of 1

“I was struggling to balance a new job, young kids, and a pandemic. I was losing battles on all fronts it seemed and had hit rock bottom. Dr. Seidel has helped me be a better version of myself. Very grateful to a very down-to-earth, perceptive, and empathic coach!”


Physician and mom of 2

“My work with Hope was life-affirming and life-changing. I came to her feeling lost, sad, and desperate for change. Through a thoughtful, organized process, I moved through my discomfort to achieve a new sense of power over my own life.”


Mom of 2

hello there…

I’m Hope

I am a pediatrician, a mom, and a life and parenting coach. I have been teaching parents how to raise healthy children for nearly 20 years. Moms and dads ask me all the time for parenting advice.

The longer that I care for families, the more certain I am that your child’s true wellness doesn’t actually depend as much on me as much as it depends on YOU.

So many of us are waiting to be more confident in our parenting, looking outside of ourselves to find our truth. Trying to grow our children with the soil from another parent’s garden. We never consider we can simply nourish our own soil.

as parents,

we are the place where wellness starts and ends.

Our kids aren’t counting on us to heal them.
They need us to heal ourselves.
Their healthy lives depend on it.

Looking for more confidence in your parenting?

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