children are naturally resilient

That's why I love being a pediatrician.

I was trained to heal kids.

I understand disease – how to prevent it, and ways to cure it.
I can spot what is developmentally normal and what isn’t.
I am passionate about safety and risk in childhood, at any age. 

It was 10 years into my career that I began to notice something…
I was spending more and more time healing parents.
Helping them to manage their feelings of worry, fear, uncertainty, expectation, judgment and confusion.

Teaching them to trust themselves.

as a mom,

I also knew exactly what parents needed because I needed it, too.

I thought I was teaching but I was really controlling.
I used punishments as a way to discipline.
I struggled with patience, empathy, and confidence.
My kids were mirrors for all the things I didn’t like about my parenting and about myself.

Becoming responsible for managing my mind – instead of theirs – changed everything for me.

As parents, we are the anchor to our child’s emotional wellness.
Managing ourselves is the most powerful way to heal a child.