it is time to learn the right way

to parent for your family.

Parenting often feels messy.

From the beginning, we feel the weight of being responsible for another person. Their success feels like ours. Their failures do, too.

I know what it is like to believe that our mistakes will have huge consequences. We worry our children’s mistakes will, too. It feels overwhelming.

So, we look for the best parenting book, the smartest blog, a clever perspective on social media, a great podcast… anything to find the best way.

clients hire me

as a parenting coach because they want a pediatrician to teach them how to parent.

They want me to give them the “right” advice.

I can pull medical diagnoses from my brain, but the truth is,
your parenting answers are in your brain.

You know your child the best.

You just can’t see it yet.
Nothing is wrong with you.
You just are looking for answers in the wrong place.

You don’t have to feel confused anymore.

Schedule a free call with me today.
We will unwrap your parenting story and discover where it is messy.
Why it’s messy….for YOU.
Then we’ll get to work to clean it up together.

It’s normal to want to know exactly what to do.

How to make everything turn out perfectly. It feels hard to trust yourself when parenting feels confusing. You can be all the answers you need.
I can show you how to find them.

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